Our story

As you turn off the highway at Greenock, the road drops down and you pass briefly through a typical Barossa country village – a pub; a general store; and a tidy, well-kept row of vines and cottages. The names here speak of an older time: Ebenezer, Moppa, Gomersal, Marananga and Kalimna.

The road continues along a twist of shallow dips and rises, and a building comes into view set back from the track – modern, for sure, but also one that has the squared, purposeful proportions of function rather than form. It is at one with its surroundings, and is proudly constructed from the earth and stone on which it sits.

This is Murray Street Vineyards, a name that is simply an address for some of the finest, hand-crafted wines in the world.

Our story is all about celebrated ground. Over 200 million years of glacial movement and receding oceans; black, cracking-clay; ferrous-red ironstone and a fine silt of blond sand that has blown across a vast desert to be here. This is the Western Barossa ridge – the oldest soil in the world, hosting the oldest vines in the world, and offering up that rarest of prizes: old vine Barossa Shiraz, Mataro and Grenache. 

These are wines that are grown, not made. The patchwork soils, the long silence of the warm growing season, and the occasional, faster-moving air of an afternoon breeze, all play their part in helping to shape flavour, structure and style.

Facing west, the passing seasons finish their days in our direction, casting long shadows in summer, and low skies in deep winter, but always giving us thought on colour, light and movement. We think you will find this, too, in our wine.

This is hard, honoured country. It demands and rewards patience.

It is a privilege to be here.